Saturday 9: Call Me

I thought of dropping by..Just wanted to say hello! Hope your Christmas and New Year was a blast. Mine together with my family wasn’t that well because of the passing my Grandma. But we still found time to enjoy even with the sorrow. Anyway, we are coping. Another year and another hopes! I really hope this year will be more fruitful and not full of stress! I could use a time to at least relax and not think of anything else.

1. Who is someone that phones you routinely that you never seem to be up to talk to, but you are not ready to push them out of your life?
+ There’s this one friend.

2. What is something that effects you deeply, to your core, no matter your mood or what else is going on in your life?
+ My family if anything happens to them. Specially my boys!

3. Tell us of something that relaxes you and always makes you happy.
+ Hugs of my boys. Kisses as well. Playing with them and their smiles. It really makes my day!

4. If you could take the train from anywhere to anywhere, where would ‘anywhere’ be?
+ It would be Europe.

5. If you could look into the future, how far down the road would you like to see? 10 years? 100 years? A million?
+ I’d love to see my kids grow up and have their family. I’d also love to travel the world first as well. And after that, I could rest..

6. Did you do your shopping online for this Christmas, how did it go? Did things come in on time? Any significant failures? …and if you didn’t, will you consider trying online shopping sometime this year?
+ No online shopping for me. I’m in shopping ban for life! LOL

7. What people or projects are worth your time, money or effort?
+ Effort.

8. Think back when you were in high school. Are you proud of the way you dressed, or do you wish you could go back and change it all?
+ I think I wore clothes alright.

9. Do any of your friends, family or co-workers know about your blogs? For those that do, did you tell them or have they stumbled upon it by themselves?
+ Some of my my brothers do blogging as well. My parents reads my blog once in a while.