Looking for a New Car?

I am not the best person to talk about cars because I just don’t have any idea why men loves them! But as the husband says, you like bags and shoes- I like cars and computer games! Oh well, I guess, he’s so right in for that line eh? :) I have 3 brothers who’s car fanatics and a Dad who’s so in love with his vintage cars. I still think I have enough of them talking all about same stuff every time we’re all together. What kind of engine, what horsepower, etc, etc. But when I saw this bmw 5 series! I think I am in love with it already! Who wouldn't anyway..lol

But what got me really interested about is this chrysler town country that I came across! If you are looking for big cars for the family, this is a good car for you! I can’t say more though because I’m so not good with cars. But based from what I read on this site, 8 out of 10 reviews says good stuff about it! If you are thinking of getting this one, I say you have to read the info online first and learn from the pro! I even read about this dodge viper ad reviews and where to get price quotes and others who are willing to sell their cars for a little less. They have expert reviews, photo galleries offered, they also have consumer opinions and a lot more important information on buying a new car. Check it out!


Summer Attire

I'm having this abnormal palpitation these past few days. That's why I never went online. I think I will just have to go to to my doctor and have a check up. I have heart problems and a check up would really be helpful. I'm doing great today though and tomorrow will travel down south and in a few weeks will be back home in PI. I need to be healthy! Ugh..But today was a little better so, I'm checking a few things online before going back home. Anyway, I'm checking this emporio armani boxer shorts for a few of my brothers who asked a few times as gifts because it's really cheaper than where they are right now. I also need to get my little boys a few summer attires because well, we will enjoy what's left of summer back home. I'm thinking of getting them speedo for kids! I'm not sure if they have but I think I can find something here for the husband! He requested something like a silk boxers too that we bought a few back in Bangkok but it's so hard to find it here. I'm just glad I found online with very affordable prices! Check it out too if you are looking for any kind of men's underwear's!




Don't you just love this? Pooh is such a sweetie! hehe And he's a fave toy of my 2 yrs old toddler! :)

Enjoy the weekend!



I have been loving make-ups all over again and I even thought of having a proper learning on that one:) But not now..maybe some other time:) I was just looking at this cosmetology school in Michigan and if you think you should be in line to work with such beauticians and make up artists. Then do yourself a favor and check this cosmetology schools online because they have a huge list of new career opportunities that you are looking! With a lot of beauty schools competing I’m sure there are also a lot of aspiring artist around. And with this site this is created exclusively and solely for the beauty industry, the website will connect qualified job seekers with salon and spa owners and others who have beauty, salon, spa, or cosmetology jobs to fill which by the way is a free of charge.


Get Rid of Stress Headache

1. Remove yourself from the stressful situation to get rid of your stress headache. If you are continually being bombarded with stress you will not be able to get rid of your stress headache.

2. Grab a cup of coffee and head to a dark quiet room to work on your stress headache.

3. Sit in the dark room and close your eyes. This will block any stimulus that may add to your stress headache.

4. Take a deep breathe. Hold the breathe for 10 seconds and then slowly let it out. This will start to alleviate your stress headache.

5. Sip your cup of coffee slowly. This will ease your stress headache.



A few of my friends and I have been talking about investing. Of course with the currency slowing down and everything seems so expensive one must be wise enough for future purposes! AS I always heard with my parents back when I was a child that one must save for the rainy seasons. I am at the midst of my life where I can say that it's very true. And I think to buy silver bullion is a good investment. I'm sure the learning curve will be something I have to be patient to but there are sites that will help you along the way! Check it out as well!



For the past months, I have been so busy with real work, then there's my schooling plus the 2 kids! I wanted badly to update my sites regularly but there are too much to do offline for the past months. And so, I just got a chance. We are currently in vacation but will be back to summer school in a few weeks. A few of you might be wondering where I am. LOL We are alright. Currently in JP for visa renewals then we will celebrate the husband's birthday next week. Plus our anniversary as well..I will try to update when I can but I can't promise! Enjoy your spring/summer wherever you are folks!