Saturday 9

: My Woman From Tokyo :

1. Have you ever been to Japan? If not would you like to travel there?
+ WE used to live there for 7 yrs. Gave birth to both of my son’s there.

2. Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?
+ truth or dare:)

3. Have you ever dated one of your best friends?
+ Yup,unfortunately! lol

4. Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know?
+ Never.

5. What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?
+ There are a lot..but i cried at the movie’s recent Going Distance.

6. What feature are you most insecure about?
+ boobs..haha

7. What do you miss most about being young?
+ Not being responsible for everything..and miss just playing around and not be pressured with things all the time..

8. Who is the most annoying musical artist EVER?
+ my mind can’t think one right now.

9. Have you ever applied for a job that was an internet hoax, asking for credit history and your social security number?
+ None.

Happy Weekend!