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Saturday Social

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Today’s Saturday Social Question:

Are you a better talker or a listener?

My Answer:

I think I am both. But I talk so much sometimes that I feel I am more of a talker. I do listen. But I feel like talking so much that the husband can never say anything at all. Hahaha. But most of my real friends would call for advise or just talk about anything...I missed them!

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Photo Hunt: Purple

Kinda late but better late than never;) This flowers was taken during summer last year! I can't wait for summer this year! It will be a feast of flowers yet again:)

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Saturday 6

1. What is the last drink you drank at home?
+ Water! I just sip a few minutes ago;)

2. You’re ordering a latte: do you prefer caffeine or decaf? Flavored or regular? Lowfat or regular?
+ Caffeine, flavored but lowfat:)

3. What is the last non-alcoholic drink you ordered at a restaurant?
+ We usually order ice tea, soda and orange juice for the little ones!

4. What’s the most exotic mixed drink you remember trying? Did you enjoy it?
+ It was in Cambodia-Thailand border. We had to sleep in a casino hotel there because we were backpacking. I can't remember the name but I almost puke! LOL

5. Take the quiz: What Flavor Margarita Are You?
+ You Are an Orange Margarita
At first glance, you are very unique - but deep down you are still quite a traditionalist.
A margarita may be "too fancy" for you, but you'll never turn a free one down.

6. How likely would you be to order the drink listed as the answer to the previous question?
+ I think it's cool!

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Kava for your Health

There are so many kinds of herbal medicines now a days. Some aren't that effective as they claim. I knew about this medicines way back from my grannies. I remember my Grandpa who had a problem of rheumatism. They looked for herbal medicines to help him but still it didn't do such thing instead worsen the problem. God help his soul! But when I saw this kava which actually will help any regularities. I think, I will recommend this to my Grandma which is also having the same problem. I’ve read that when you used this, you will experience some kind of euphoria characterized by being so alive! You will feel lively speech and an increased sensitivity to sound. Prevent anxiety because it will relax muscle tension, act as local anesthetic, and for more than a century it is used as a treatment for gout, bronchial congestion and rheumatism.


The Dunky

My youngest was so amazed when we visited a Garden Resort last February! I wished my eldest boy was there! They had this bird show and kids were so happy to see the animals! My youngest wants to just run in the center and ride this Dunky! :) We might go back next month!

A Dunky by you.

Have a great weekend!


Weekly Wrap Up: I forget!

Have you forgotten anything in the past week? If so, what?
+ Yes, I did! I actually forgot to send the fax info needed for our trip next week! But it's done now:) Fixed it earlier!

Are you usually scatter-brained or more organized?
+ Both! LOL Scatter-brained when there are too much in my hand and mind! But I get organized the moment I know what to do first and the next:)

Do you use any sort of planner or agenda for your dates? Does it help to not forget?
+ Planner! Really help a lot!

What do you feel about the phrase “forgive and forget?”
+ Yes, I can do that but only time can tell:) Specially if it's too much!


Going back to School

I saw this degree online while looking through online and I can't help but not share. I thought this is what my friend needed! Since he need to work to support his family as well, going to school can never be a problem because of this! There are tons of people who graduated online and has been successful in so many fields! I will definitely refer this to him! This school offers 109 graduate and undergraduate specialization. There are tons of choices and you’ll never go out of stuff to specialize if ever! This school offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, public safety, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology and a lot more!

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WW: Red Lanterns

Spring in Tokyo by you.

Spring in Tokyo

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Toy Safety

• Is it suited to your child’s developmental level? Most toys bear a “recommended age” sticker, which should be taken as a starting point in the selection process. Be realistic about your child’s abilities and level of maturity when choosing an age-appropriate toy. Toys that have projectiles, for example, are never suitable for a child under age 4 — and even some 6-year-olds aren’t mature enough to handle them. Likewise, if your 3-year old still puts everything into his mouth, continue to steer clear of toys and games with small parts and pieces.

• Think big. Until your child turns 3, toy parts should be bigger than his mouth to avoid the possibility of choking. To determine whether a toy poses a choking risk, try fitting it through a toilet paper roll. If a toy or part of a toy can fit inside the cylinder, it’s not safe.

• Is the toy too heavy? Could your baby be harmed if it fell on him? If so, pass.

• Look for toys that are well put together. Make sure tails are securely sewn, seams of stuffed animals are reinforced, and paint is not peeling. Stuffed animals should also be free of buttons, yarn, ribbons, and anything else your child could yank off and put in his mouth.

• Is your child physically ready for this toy? For example, parents of older kids may buy a bike one size too big so as not to have to buy a new bike the next year. This tactic can lead to serious injury if a child doesn’t have the physical skills to control the bigger bike.

• Is the toy in good condition? Used toys passed down from older relatives or siblings or bought at yard sales can be worn or frayed, which can be sometimes pose a danger. Examine all new or used toys for buttons, batteries, ribbons, eyes, beads, and plastic appendages that could easily be chewed or snapped off.

• Does the toy have a string or cord longer than 12 inches? A cord can too easily be wrapped around a young child’s neck, causing strangulation. Once your child can climb up on his hands and knees, remove crib gyms and hanging mobiles from his crib. Be particularly vigilant about older toys. For example, an older model of a popular play kitchen may have a phone attached with a potentially deadly cord, while the latest model of the same kitchen has the more current and safer cordless phone.

• Does the toy use small magnets? In 2007, the CPSC named magnets the #1 hidden home hazard. Small, powerful magnets are often used in toys, and may fall out of the toy and be swallowed by a child. Two or more swallowed magnets (or a magnet and a metal object) can be attracted to each other through intestinal walls, causing twisting and pinching of the intestines, holes, blockages, infection, and worse if not discovered and treated promptly. As of August 2007, one death and 86 injuries from magnets had been reported to the CPSC, and 8 million magnetic toys had been recalled. The agency recommends keeping toys with magnets away from kids under 6 years old.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!



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Photo Hunt

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Beauty Schools

I have been loving makeups all over again and I even thought of having a proper learning on that one:) And if you think you should be in line to work with such beauticians and make up artists. Then do yourself a favor and check this cosmetology schools online because they have a huge list of new career opportunities that you are looking! With a lot of beauty schools competing I’m sure there are also a lot of aspiring artist around. And with this site this is created exclusively and solely for the beauty industry, the website will connect qualified job seekers with salon and spa owners and others who have beauty, salon, spa, or cosmetology jobs to fill which by the way is a free of charge. Check it out!


Double Deck

And I like this for my boys too! The computer in there is another great idea. But since my youngest is still a toddler maybe we can just make something like this but one bed. I saw something like that somewhere. Will check it out again! So boy!


Health Equipments

Hypertension problem, high sugar problem and the like, runs in the family of my in-laws. Would you believe that my Dad in-law had 5 times high blood pressure stroke? The last 2 were the major stroke that really changed his life. He went through a lot of operations but still living the life. I admire his courage and faith. So, every time I hear about medical equipment stuff. I remember my In-laws. Their house is full of those helpful equipments. Their personal nurse even told me that she can have a small clinic out of the stuff they got:) They needed those items though! Because she said it is better that they have those because you never know what the future holds..It’s better to be safe and be sorry!


Boys Room

I'm really having a great time looking for ideas for interior designing! We are redecorating the house when we arrived later this month and I can't wait. I want this for my sons room!

Of course, it won't be just like this but we'll see how all this thing goes! Photo from PB Kids.



I've been up very early and did a few hopping and came across this option trading that is a great help if you want to learn more about stocks online. I am also learning how to trade and it’s a good thing if I know since the stocks hubby bought a decade ago is getting stronger. Not big but helps a lot for our annual earnings. although during the current economy slowdown, it's been in a roller coaster! Hopefully though it will be better! This site helps you understand some information on how to trade wisely and properly. You can find, compare and analyze the important options you have. I am still not sure if I really want to learn. But with all this information you might as well check out!



Baby Proof Your Home

Cover all electrical outlets. Door guards are important to prevent babies and children from smashing their fingers. Toilet guards are sold to keep little ones from getting into the toilet.

To promote safety in the kitchen and bathrooms, put latches on cabinets and drawers.

To prevent tall units from falling on children, screw all shelving, tall dressers and cabinets into the wall. Little ones like to climb.

Put up a baby fence at the top and bottom of the steps. Make sure that your sliding door has a child proof lock at the top.

Put all household cleaners, medicines, and chemicals in a high area in your house. Know your poison control center number.

Get window gaurds for your windows, especially if you live on a 2nd floor.

Should be removed from the crib and playpen once your baby can stand.

Make sure that you have working batteries in both your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Check your detectors at least every few months.

Remove furniture with sharp corners and put corner protectors on the rest.

Make sure that your television is in a safe place and on a sturdy stand (if not wall mounted). If you have a flat screen, make sure that the safety belt is safely attached from the table to the back of the tv.

Remove breakables and small objects from lower shelving.

12. TOYS
Make sure that toys are age appropriate. Make sure that there are not any small breakable parts that could be potential choking hazards.

To prevent drowning, empty all water from bathtubs and pails, keep the door to the bathroom closed and never leave your child alone near any container of water no matter what size it is.

Please remember that children under age 6 years of age should not be allowed to sleep in the upper bunk.

Please shorten all chords from window coverings. Be careful with clothing that has draw strings as they can be a potential choking hazard.

To prevent fatal accidents, make sure that your garage has a sensor.

Have fun Mommies!



Photo Hunt: Stripes

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