Wednesday Weirdness

1.) As an adult, do you do anything for Halloween or is it jut another day?
+ We always go to school Halloween party with my little boy. Talking with parents and teachers..Then after that we go home..:D

2.) Do you ever dress up for Halloween? What will be your costume this year?
+ Nope. I will just wear this headband that has Halloween decorations..It's cute though!

3.) Have you started Christmas shopping yet? When do you usually begin?
+ I already did:)

4.) Do you look people in the eye when talking? Does it bother you when people don't make eye contact during conversation?
+ I do look in the eye..yeah..And I will know when someone is lying when they don't make eye contact. I've proven that many times!

5.) What excuse do you usually use when you want to take a day off work for no real reason?
+ Sick.

6.) How often, on average, do you find yourself thinking about sex per day?
+ LOL..Secret :D

7.) What company makes your favorite brand of shoes? What makes them your favorite?
+ I have a many faves..Chanel is my fave because the husband got me a ballerina shoes a few years ago. But I wish I have a lot of money to splurge always. Soft and comfy are the words! Then a lot others. I want quality!

8.) Do you ever save alcohol bottles once they are empty?
+ Nope.

9.) Do you enjoy musicals?
+ Yeah! I love musical movies too! Like the classic Dancing in the Rain and the new ones like Camp Rock and High School Musicals!

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Wordless Wednesday

Flower by you.

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3 Times Thursday

1. What motivates you? Why?
-Honestly, my little boys. Every time I think about them I give my best on things I do. Like my love for photography, I try to study things that way I can take beautiful photos of them:) And of course, my man-the love of my life:) Naks! :D

2. What happens when you can't be motivated to do something you need to do? How do you get the motivation back?
-I usually get irritated right away.Cranky and grumpy all the same:) The husband knows how to make me happy and smile after all. I don't know how he does things but he's a savior! :D

3. Are there any changes in the state of your world that need some motivation to do? What they are is optional, but how will you motivate yourself to do it?
-Hmm..not that I know of. I guess, I just need to be motivated to not shop like always! LOL

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Pretty by you.

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Link Tag

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Manic Monday

How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning?
+ Around 10 minutes. Not that long. I usually stay in my computer chair more and stair there instead..lol

Do you usually sleep on one side of the bed or another?
+ Yup, I do.

Something you wish to accomplish before the end of the year:
+ Sky dive. But I know it won't happen soon..



Saturday Special

Words Ending in GHT ~ I Say You Answer

1. Cry In The Night...My little boy always cries at the night! He's 10 months old:)

2. Tasty Delight...Anything dessert now. I'm hungry! :D

3. Bright Light...in the terrace! A little cold outside but we have a sun!

4. Air Tight...Balloons my little boys are playing now!

Happy Weekend!~



Fantasy Friday

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, with unlimited financial means, where would you live?
+ Paris or Italy.

2. If you received $1000 today, what would you do with it? $100,000? $1,000,000?
+ Oh..there are tons of things to buy and go to. I could spend them all non stop;) Or share something to the charity! Tons of stuff to do really:)

3. What would be your dream job, if you absolutely had to work?
+ Fashion Designer or a high paid ramp model..haha

4. Describe your ultimate “It’s All About Me!” day.
+ The husband treat me to Koh Samet in Thailand. Spent in a posh resort. Had a massage. Relaxation the max. Went swimming in the turquoise waters. Ate delicious Thai foods. Take photos. Read a book. Enjoy! :D

5. You have $500 to spend by the end of the day online shopping. Give us url’s and show us what you would buy with that money.
+ Ah..that is easy! But $500 is a little low! LOL I wanted a new Chanel or LV! haha But since you asked. Coach.com- a new handbag will do;)


Degree Online

Want to finish your schooling through a degree online? I actually saw one! This school offers graduate online degree programs in business administration, information technology, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety. One of the top online school offers only the best out there. And if ever I will go back to school or let say refresh my memory, I’d love to go back to school through online. And this one really sounds interesting. I finished my bachelor’s degree 8 years ago and I only worked for a full 2 years through that time. And if ever I love to go back to work a refresh degree would be appropriate for me. So, if you think this is what you’re looking for then check it out! Never too late to go back to school and learn again!

“This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.”



So, What Now?

So,what?  by you.

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Lead Test Kit

The husband and I has been talking about buying a Lead Test a few weeks ago. We just gotten tons of new toys this weekend and it never hurt to check and be safe with those toys! Specially that I have a 10 months old baby, it's better to be safe than sorry. You see, this 10 months old son eats everything he can grasp at his hand. I mean anything! With 8 teeth at 10 months, I'm sure you can understand that I worry a lot. I've heard horror stories about babies eating the lead paint of those toys. So, when I saw this $1 Lead Paint Kit online, I know I have to get one myself! It's good for some household items that you think has a lead paint on it too. I am liking this site because it has list of toys that has tested lead on it. Those company should be held liable for what they are doing. Did you know lead can cause a lot of problems with babies and kids? I just hope you know and are educated with this things! With this Lead Test, there are news you might want to read. The kit is pretty easy to use, it's Non-Toxic, it instantly turn pink when lead is present and can be able to work on any surface.

I was reading the recommendation of this site and so far I am really liking what I read. To all my online friends and Mommy visitors here this is a great site that you might be interested. It is good for our family specially our little ones! You just never know. I have to post this here as well. An excerpt from the site.

A quick rundown of the dangers of lead.

- Lead provides no known biological benefit to humans.
- Lead can produce adverse effects on virtually every system in the body; it can damage the kidneys, the nervous system, the reproductive system, and cause high blood pressure. It is especially harmful to the developing brains of fetuses and young children.
- There may be no lower threshold for some of the adverse effects of lead in children. In addition, the harm that lead causes to children increases as their blood lead levels increase.

Check out that kit and that site it's very helpful for us parents!!!



Saturday Six

1. What’s the last movie you watched in the theater?
+ Hmm..I think it was Mama Mia!

2. How much is absolutely too much to pay for seeing a movie in a theater at night?
+ To where I live, movies at night is $10/person:) Rather than the $18 regular!

3. Other than popcorn and a drink, what concession item are you most likely to buy in a movie theater?
+ Tried the hotdog with chili and the fries! :D

4. Take the quiz: In What Genre Should You Be A Movie Star?
+ Get back later for this~

5. What was the last movie you watched at home?
+ Nim's Adventure by Jodie Foster! I love it;-)

6. Would you have paid to watch this film in a movie theater when it originally came out?
+ Yup! I wanted to see it in the movie theater but we were busy!~ My little boy love it;)




I am a slacker at this blog yet again. But I was just busy you know! hopefully this coming week, I can still manage to drop by here and make an update! So far, I updated my food blog which I have this 5 for Wednesday questions! You might want to join. My Travel blog was updated too. But will make a personal post hopefully tomorrow. My Shopping blog has tons of shopping fever! haha And of course my Main blog is update daily with any kind of nonsense! haha

Drop by if you have a chance! :D And don't forget my Contest! :) Happy Weekend!~


Data Protection Solutions

Heard about this data protection solutions yet? I read somewhere that it's one of the best around! Let me tell you why! I've read that this company develops, markets, and services high-performance software for data management and data protection around the world and has been in the business for years.Used in more than 50 countries and counting for warehouse processing, in order to load database properly, protect and back up in the distributed areas. And of course with the importance of technical performance and excellent services among others! I really think this is the best around considering that it can be utility for mainframe, UNIX, Windows and Linux environments. Check it out if you ever need more information. The headquarter has more accurate information than what I said though! And has other services they offered!


Win $200 Plus Worth of Items!

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I'm Still

1. Describe where you grew up:
+ I have the best people around. Not the ones with white paint houses. But I grew up at my Grannies where everything seems to be just happy thoughts. My Grandpa owned a small farm where we can just play around. Grandpa use to make us a swing in this yard. I love and miss that place! I can still picture out the places I run and played with my cousins!

2. Do you wear any jewelery?
+ I do. I wear earrings, rings, bracelets, watch, necklace..etc. I'm kinda vain in terms of that. :D

3. What do you have too much of?
+ Designer bags, shoes, clothes, tons of those things. I am a lot different now though. Or I like to think I am :D Not getting any younger anyway!~

4. Who is a fool?
+ No idea.

5. What's your nickname?
+ Just call me, Yen:)



Accidents can happen all the time even if you are just walking and setting down! So, when I've heard about a someone I know who will work to a ship touring around the world, I thought it can be fun! But working at a large vessel can be very dangerous. Aside from they're far from their families, they work loads just to have something in the table! Unfortunately thousands of workers are injured each year while performing their jobs, many of whom lose their lives.So, this maritime lawsuit is a great help for them and for the family who's left behind who have the rights to financial aid or compensation. It's really sad but it's true! I hope that the person I know will really take more extra care.


Buy Me Flowers

1. Who do you adore?
+ My little boys and my husband! :D

2. Who adores you?
+ Well, the husband always says that. And my 6 yrs old says he loves me very much ;)

3. What's in your pockets?
+ None. I don't like putting anything in my pocket!~

4. Who can you talk with for hours?
+ Umm..Me? haha

5. What sounds great today?
+ Today? I slept the whole afternoon! :D


Four for Friday

Q1 - Special: In addition to standard menu items, many restaurants offer one or more specials of the day. If your waiter or waitress describes an appealing special but neglects to mention its price, would you order it without asking about the cost?

+ Most of the time the husband never really ask how much it cost. He's just too cool. But me, I always ask everything first. There were a few times, I just never mind asking when I had this new friends. haha I think I'm just careful sometimes.

Q2 - : Earlier this year, pictures showing the Enawene Nawe tribe of Amazon indians aiming weapons at an airplane overhead made headlines across the United States. The photos, according to the producers of ABC's Nightline television show, inspired them to travel deep into the Amazon to meet the Enawene Nawe, a tribe that reportedly has never before been filmed for television. Do you think there is something inherently wrong with outsiders interacting with or filming never before seen indigenous tribes, or does studying their way of life outweigh any potential negative side effects caused by such actions?

+ I have no idea.

Q3 - Housing: In describing the recent financial crisis here in the U.S., President Bush said: "Easy credit -- combined with the faulty assumption that home values would continue to rise -- led to excesses and bad decisions. Many mortgage lenders approved loans for borrowers without carefully examining their ability to pay. Many borrowers took out loans larger than they could afford, assuming that they could sell or refinance their homes at a higher price later on. Optimism about housing values also led to a boom in home construction. Eventually the number of new houses exceeded the number of people willing to buy them. And with supply exceeding demand, housing prices fell. And this created a problem: Borrowers with adjustable rate mortgages who had been planning to sell or refinance their homes at a higher price were stuck with homes worth less than expected -- along with mortgage payments they could not afford. As a result, many mortgage holders began to default." Do you believe homeownership is a privilege or a right?

+ It is a privilege other countries don't have!

Q4 - Television: What is your current favorite television show -- one that you make a point of watching during its regularly scheduled time as often as humanly possible?

+ Gossip Girl, Grey's and LOST! I want to laugh, smile and get excited! :D


Gift Ideas

Holiday is around the corner you know and everyone seems to be getting ready with their wish lists and most peeps I know has been rushing to buying online gifts! And to make it more fun to shop every stores online are giving really generous sale which you can't possible say no! So as they say, grab it while it’s on sale! And I am thinking of buying Mom something nice this year! And I want it like this fashion jewelry that I chanced up earlier! Have you seen their items yet? Gosh, it’s another uber cool site that has awesome items with really cool sales to boot! Now, to find what looks good for Mom! :D Items starts from $40! Everything looks great and I love that they have ongoing sale right now. They also have inspired jewels from a very reasonable prices. I might just grab an earrings for Mom and a few silver jewelries for my 2 sisters or I can find one for myself too! I'll go check now..


Birthday Contest!

DivasMomradio is having a little contest HERE. This is what she says;

Exactly one week from now my little girl will celebrate her second birthday and what better way to kick off the celebration than having a contest.

Here’s what you can win:
I’m giving away $15 paypal money to two lucky people.

Now how can you win? Read below…
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To help me keep up with all the entries (I’m hoping people will join this contest, lol) please leave a comment in this post with the following information:
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You have until Thursday, October 16, 2008 to join.


Day is Done

1. Last party you went to?
+ A birthday party! fun times with some friends:)

2. Do you pee in the shower?
+ Sometimes..lol Is that really that bad? I'm the one who cleans anyway! haha

3. Have you ever fired a gun?
+ Yup :D My Dad in an x-military! It was a scary experience but not everyone can do it;)

4. Where do you call home?
+ Here and There. Or where my own family is! :D

5. What's your favorite board game?
+ Chess and Crossword Puzzle


PH: Lazy

My bro having a lazy time at the beach..I miss being in the beach. I could really use another vacation! :D But of course, it won't happen anytime sooner! But this pic surely can do for now! Imagining you say...:) I hope he won't kill me posting his photo here! LOL

DSC_0169 copy by you.

Happy Photo hunting! Join, HERE. Happy Weekend!


Going to School

A friend of mine wants to go to this beauty schools that we saw online. Well, she’s really a good hairstylist and aside from the fact that she can manage to make up like a pro! She’s really good at what she do and her being creative in so many ways! I often think, I want to be just like her! I admire her courage and her patience! And I know that she can make it big someday! Right now, she’s stuck in a place where she doesn’t want anyway. And I hope this school she wants to go to will come true! I’ve read that this school is fastest growing beauty school in the country. And they bring their unique way approach to cosmetology education to new markets and making the best out there! And as part of the said training, students provide high-quality, discounted salon services to the public under expert faculty supervision. Which is a good idea! I’m gonna tell that friend again! Who knows, right? :)



Wordless Thursday

Purple by you.

Happy Wordless! And thanks for peeking!

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3 Times Thursday

1. Do you believe we're on this planet for a reason? If so, what is it? If not, what *do* you believe?
+ We're on the planet for a reason:)

2. Do you believe we carve our own paths, or is it possible that there's such a thing as 'destiny'? Why/why not?
+I believe on both. I can be 50/50 sometimes on both subject..I can talk a lot about this. But I know that Life is what we make it.

3. Do you believe in magic? Why/why not?
+ I do! :D I just believe in it..hard to explain though..


Business School

I know someone who's been trying to juggle with things and he really want to become a real estate agent! Well, Real Estate these days are booming and it can make you rich! If only I am that good with this field, I'd be enrolling myself to this Nouveau Riche that offers the best educational environment for this course! They also offer different kinds of courses though so, you choose your field! Right now, Nouveau Riche has been published to a business magazine! It's a top business school who's aim for students is to be really good of their field! He's very good with what he does and I think becoming a real estate agent is something he will be really good at as well! If you know how to talk and be honest with what you do, I think you'll become one of those successful people around!

Check Nouveau Riche because they are one University that offers real estate courses that teaches students the way to create wealth wise, using the time as what it really is with the foundational principles adhered to by the higher educations! Why not check it out and see for yourself! Who knows, you will be next wealthy man to be published! :D



Wednesday Weirdness

1.) Do you think you're approachable?
+ Yup, I am.

2.) Out of the two, would you rather be able to predict things before they happened or be able to read minds whenever you wanted to? Why?
+Predict things before they happened. That would be totally cool! I can prepare things if ever :D

3.) Have you ever kissed, fooled around or slept with an ex significant other AFTER you were already broken up?
+ Nope!

4.) Do you believe dreams are your imagination running wild as you sleep, your subconscious showing you what's really on your mind or something else entirely?
+ I believe dreams are my imaginations..yeah..why not? :)

5.) How often do you use cuss words? Does your use of cuss words vary on your moods or situations?
+ Sometimes but I try to keep it low specially I have a 6 years old who ask questions anytime when he doesn't get the things I say.

6.) Do you ever purposely lead people on so you can get what you want?
+ Of course not! LOL

7.) When was the last time you did something you told yourself you wouldn't do? What was it?
+ Oh yeah..Last night. I told myself not to spend online late but I still did anyway!

8.) If you could​ meet one musician who is no longer​ alive​,​ who would​ it be?
+ Mozart!



Friday Fun

1. Places you would like to visit and why.
+ Paris-well, everyone should go there!
+ Venice-romantic place to be!
+Egypt-I'd like to visit the land of the Pharaohs!
+Anywhere in Europe is a must visit!

2. Favorite things to munch on!
+ Peanuts sometimes and chips.

3. Favorite sites for online shopping.
+ Oh..too many..LOL

4. Things you have to get done this weekend.
+ A lot. Clean the house, online work, get ready the things of my little boy for school. Take photos, blog, fold the clothes..etc..etc..:D

5. Things that pop up when you Google your name.
+ Some photo sites, my digital scraps and my main blog. :)

Happy Weekend!~



Wednesday Weirdness

1.) Have you ever purchased an item of clothing and intentionally worn it with tags on it so that you could return it the next day?
+ Nope! LOL That's weird!

2.) Would you rather be late to the party, or the first person to arrive? Why?
+ Late..

3.) When do you usually begin your Christmas shopping?
+ I'm shopping already :) Talk about being excited!

4.) What three cancelled tv shows do you wish they’d bring back?
+ Gilmore Girls!!! I love that show! And Sex and the City :)

5.) What do you have in your vehicle's glove compartment?
+ In the passenger side? Some little toys of the boys, brochures, clutters..

6.) Have you ever donated blood?
+ Not yet. But it would be nice.

7.) Have you ever kissed or dated someone elses significant other? What happened?
+ Nope.

8.) Have you ever mistaken one product for another while in the bathroom and didn't notice until after you used it? (EXAMPLE: Washing your hair with liquid body soap, slathering hand soap on your legs instead of lotion after a shower, et cetera)
+ Oh yes! I thought it was a toothpaste but it was a toy stuff of the little boy!

9.) Would you/Have you ever dated someone who had a criminal record?
+ Nope. Or how would I know? :) haha

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