How to Soothe a Sore Throat

I still have my cough for almost 2 months now..this is insane! If you’re suffering for sore throat like me..this is helpful! Saw it over in eHow.

1. Drink 4 to 6 glasses of water per day. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Avoid very hot drinks and sugary colas because they can irritate your throat’s delicate membranes.

2. A hot cup of water with 2 teaspoons of honey and the juice of half of a lemon is very effective. The honey soothes, and the citrus of the lemon kills germs.

3. Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water. Gargle a mouthful, spit it out and then swallow a mouthful. Repeat until the liquid is gone. Both the warm water and the vinegar will kill the germs infecting your throat.



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3 Important aspect that Marriage works

Saw this from Litzie that she got from here as well. Read on..

There are actually 3 important aspects in making it work.

* Communication
I always think that every issue and every aspect at home should be talked about by the couple. Whether it’s about the discipline of the kids or the financial aspect of the family or even the simplest thing like what to eat for dinner. Nothing could be fixed if the couple will just keep quiet and keep there thoughts inside.

* Commitment and Common Values
Being committed to making your marriage work is one of the keys too. If you have the commitment then you will care. You would want to patch things up when something is wrong while common values let you share the same priorities with your partner. You will have to teach similar teachings to your children so there will be less arguments.

* Spirituality/Faith
I always believe that if you out God in the center of any relationship then you will be blessed. Being married means you should also be praying with him.

Have a blessed week!


Be a C.O.O.L. Parent!

1. Control that you share ~ Give your child two to three choices that you can live with. Example: “Do you want to wear your blue shirt or your red shirt?” You don’t really care what color shirt your child wears and this gives them a sense of having some control.

2. Ownership of the problem ~ Determine who owns the problem. Ask these questions: Am I upset because my child’s upset? (then it’s the child’s problem) What will happen to me personally if the problem isn‘t solved? (if your answer is nothing, then it’s your child’s problem) How might I twist this problem to make it mine? (parents often twist the problem to make it their own).

3. Opportunity for thinking/decision making ~ Set limits and turn fighting words into thinking words. This will take 4 things being mastered:

a. Time ~ when training your child to think for themselves make sure you have time to follow it through.

b. Energy ~ you must have the energy to control your reactions and responses.

c. Support ~ find someone who can listen when you struggle with these steps and can encourage you.

d. Rehearsal ~ practice what you will say and how your child might react. Be prepared for them to fight you at first. This is new to them and they will test their boundaries.

4. Let empathy and consequences do the teaching ~ Find an empathy response that is yours. Give your child logical consequences to their mistakes. It doesn’t make sense to lose T.V. for staying out late. But taking phone privileges away if they are caught on the phone after 9:00 PM (or whatever your limit is) makes sense.


Examples of training them to think: “You may eat what is served or you may wait and see if the next meal appeals to you more.” “Feel free to go out and play as soon as your room is cleaned.”

Examples of Child’s problem ~ Child’s room is a disaster area (it is only your problem when it overflows into the rest of the house).