{About Her}

10 Random Facts about my Mom!

She’ll definitely kill me if she will read this! lol ) But here goes..Saw this somewhere and thought I’d do it for my own Mom too!

An only child. So she’s a spoiled brat!
Married at 17 yrs old. And she got pregnant with me a year after.
Loves to ride a horse! She got one when she was a teenager.
Bitten by a dog 5 times! Can you imagine that? I can’t..
She’s been to quite to a lot of places too. A traveler.
She is one of the most patient person I know aside from hubby.
She can cook very well. And missed her Sinigang na Baboy to the max!
She always tells me that I am her bestfriend. Yep, she’s only 18 yrs older than me. We’re best buds!
A dancing queen! hehe She dance gracefuly! Dad always tells me, that’s what gotten him to her at first in a disco.lol
She tells us that Dad is her first LOVE! )

I could go on but it’s only 10..hehe Now, I’ll tag everyone in my blog roll! )