My first post in August here!And it means it will be TGIF tomorrow.
A Date with hubby in Saturday is wonderful:)
He said we will watch Transformers Saturday night. Already saw it but he haven’t yet. Japan is late with Hollywood Movies.
We can go somewhere by Sunday after hearing a Mass.
Bro asked if we can go back to Tokyo Dome because he wants to ride the roller coaster! Sounds Fun!
I want to eat something spicy but my OB said it won’t do good for me.
I want me some dried fish..lol but not good for me either. Ugh
Getting ready for Little Peanuts room. Now, I know what color to put. ;)
We might swing by Costco Saturday Morning.
And oh..Bro will cook dinner again tonight! The food? It will be Bestek Tagalog and ginisang monggo! YUM

Now, I’ll be off here! :)