I know from the very first start that I can't keep up with too many blogs and yet I still did started this..Ughhh Slacker I know.. And I have to say that having 4 blogs has the hardest thing to keep up! lol Specially that my little boy just got back to school last Monday and so it’s pretty much busy around here. Hubby is still in his business trip in Malaysia so, I have to be the Daddy and Mommy. And to top of all that, I am preggy at 28 weeks and going 29 weeks this Sunday! Whew! :) I find it awesome though that I am busy and not stuck in the house like almost everyday. I get to send my little boy and go out and see the sun shining! haha Except that it’s been raining here for days but today it’s SUNNY! :)

Anyway, I’ll just pop by once in a while here.. I always update my other blog here. So, if you have a chance try to visit me there as well. This days, I try to post photos..it’s easier:)