All about Santa

Too early for Christmas? I saw this tag/questions around! So, I snag it because I love Santa Clause and I’m a true believer when I was a kid..up until now actually;) The answers are from my own silly kid thoughts…A girl can always dream;)

1.I heart Santa.
2.Santa is the one who always give Christmas presents:)
3.If I were in a room with Santa, I would ask him what is his place looks like and is it true that there are those little people who helps him with all the gifts..
4.I think Santa should always remain Santa. He is so good at it.
5.Santa needs more time to pack all those gifts.
6.I want to hug Santa.
7.Someday Santa will be running out of gifts?
8.Santa reminds me of my hubby. not his huge belly though but for giving so giving and thoughtful.
9.Without Santa there will be no happy Christmas for a kid like me:D
10.My memories of Santa are the ones with opening my chocolate full Christmas stockings and a huge gift.
11.Santa can be a little tricky with his gifts sometimes..
12.The worst thing about Santa is nothing..Unless he comes at our home late..
13.The best thing about Santa is, he give and give!
14.I am a fan with Santa.
15.One thing I would like to know about Santa if he ever sleeps when Christmas time is near.
16.Santa should go and tour around the world as he always does. Kids are waiting for him:)
17.Santa give me the best gift ever!

Have a great day!!! Snag it if you like as well;)