Going for another visit!

My little boy has been asking of going back to Pooh Bear's book house. You know where this place means? He wants us to go back to Disney! :) He said he wanted to hug Poor Bear since the last time we went there Pooh was kinda busy so we didn’t had the chance to check the honey land:) Although he saw Mickey and the other characters but I still love to go back too for him and for myself of course..It’s so magical in there..So, hubby and I are thinking that we might go there this December with my Mom and Aunt too! So, I checked Disney Tickets online and it’s worth it! Brow has been bugging me to go there. So, see everyone in here loves to be there again! We can just take this opportunity to celebrate my birthday in there too. We are really open to new ideas on how to spend my birthday and of course Christmas! It will be Little Peanuts first Christmas and I want it to be something special! And then my birthday of course:) We’ll see..there are still months to consider though :)