How was weekend? I slept late again last night. I thought of hubby more often and I missed him already...yeah, he'll be home soon though:) But I one thing I was up late too was that I succumbed to Kaboodle again and Facebook..lol One of the reasons I keep putting off the other things to do! They’re useful alright yeah..but you know, Kaboodle always makes me want to go and shop!..haha But I was having much fun and I was also looking for my little boys Halloween party costume. Yup, we still don’t have one! So, I checked the Amazon and I found a Pirate Costume that he likes last Saturday.. I ordered it already and it might be here anytime today... I’m glad I found one because little boys party will be this 31..I checked if they have something for a preggo Mommy..hehe and nothing for preggos but I think I’ll just go with this one..lookie! Isn’t it a cutie? At least it’s not a whole body attire..lol I’ll see what I can come up though..because it says in the site that it’s out of stock already…We'll see..or I can just use a headband for the party...

Have a great new week! :)


Max said...

Hi Yen,

we recently launched a new service called Wishpot . It's in some way similar to Kaboodle, but it allows you to also use your mobile phone, provides a great search experience from thousands of merchants, and has a great gift finder experience (most wanted).

We'd love to hear your feedback.