Little Updates

I was supposed to be updating this blog last night but then got caught up with a movie hubby and I rented earlier. So, I'll just post a little update here:)

You asked why I'm not updating this blog just as I want to? I’m just so busy with real life stuff and the other blogs I also author...Not to mention the paid for blogging thing I have been doing. And then there’s the 32 weeks going 33 tomorrow preggy me and then my little boy goes to school everyday. I'm just glad that my bro is here to help me. Mom and Dad will be here next month so, I might be able to have more time…

Anyway, I’m doing fine. Getting there and I can’t wait to see our new bundle of joy! :D

If you by any chance drop by here, do leave your mark and I'll make sure I'll return the favor! :D

And twice a week updating this one will be just fine:D Or as long as I get a chance I'll surely have something up here!