Reminiscing Our Childhood Questions

1. What is the earliest memory you have as a child? Think far back.

Ans: When I was 3 yrs old. Funny, I peed in my underwear because my cousin was bullying me. He was my best friend as far as I can recall.

2. What is a special memory you have about someone? It could be a grandparent, family friend - not including your parents - that you knew as a child. What do you recall about them that makes the memory special?

Ans: It's my grannies(Mom's Parents). I love my grandpa(he passed away 4 yrs ago) very much. My grannies had a small farm in a small village back home so when he goes home every afternoon after taking care with the farm. I remember he always had a special something for me. Like he made wooden toys for me. As for my Grandma(she's 70 yrs old now and still love her to pieces), she kisses me in my belly and I remember that I would giggled and laugh hard.

3. What was a favorite game you played as a child?

Ans: Not sure if anyone of you know Chinese Garter but in Philippines where I grow up, its a fave with little girls.

4. What was a memorable trip that you can recall being a little kid and what did you do that makes you think about it even now?

Ans: When I was growing up, Dad had a work away from us. I recall that we visited him in his office while he was at work. We traveled like 24 hrs drive just to see him. He goes home every twice a month...I still think about it now, that hopefully he was with us when I grow up that way, we are more closer to him..

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