6 Things

Yourself: Trying to be better organizer. Like in my house, my computer, specially the house and then the things of the coming peanut. Trying hard to stay on top of it and not getting overwhelmed.

Your partner: Adore’s his Wii and WOW games! Yeah,what can I do! But always try to give me everything I want. Trying to be a good Dad and Hubby:) He’s the biggest thrill in my life. Love this dude!

Your hair: Long black shiny hair:D

Your mother: I missed her very much but she will be here very soon! She is my best friend and always try to please everyone of us..Specially my Dad!

Your father: Strict but totally funny when he tells jokes! A hardworking man that works from all the way of his won..

Your favorite item: My Computer of course! My Camera and my bags! haha