I want new Jeans!

Yup! I will definitely be shopping again after giving birth because surely I will not be the same size before I got pregnant! with all the excess weight I gained I really doubt I can go back to my normal weight as a little of 1 month or 2..But I am really in for breastfeeding that way it will really help the carbo fats get away fast too! Well, that's what my OB told me:) And a proper diet is really needed! And then I'm thinking of shopping new Jeans! It will be Christmas after all and I am needing new set of pants! I'm glad I found this Nudie Jeans online since this is what really I was thinking..I love thin pants with a skinny jeans and tight in the ankle part of the bottom. I saw this one before in the department store but I'm more of a Seven for All Mankind kind of Momma:) Speaking of Seven Jeans, I ADORE them! I'm glad I found great sales in that site too because I will just snag either of this Nudie or Seven Jeans!

What good thing about this site is that they have SALES almost every week or so..And they have awesome sets of product lines! I'm a designer freak and I love good finds and this site will definitely be in my bookmarked of course! :) Talking about more shopping soon! :D