I'd love to go to Italy!

Well, everyone would really love to go there! Specially me that I have never had any glimpse of this beautiful place! I have seen a lot of photos with some of my friends who have gone there! I'm dreaming of visiting Rome,Milan and Venice! I mean, I'm sure that those of you haven't been there are also hoping and wishing...I'd love to go to Rome and visit the Leaning tower of Pisa of course! The Colosseum, the Vatican, Trevi Fountain and a lot of must visit places and attractions there! And of course if I want to go there, I should definitely try to take note this Rome hotels that I found online too! Great deals plus with great service!:) From there, I will visit Milan to see the beautiful Cathedral of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Castello Sforzesco to name a few! you can see more informations in this Milan must visit places site! And with that, I also have this Milan Hotels and this Venice Hotels because I also want to go there as well! As far as I want to visit the whole places of Italy, I just can't come up with more places because every city and places there is a must visit! Yup, I have a love at first site with that country:) Never been there yet but hoping!

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