Important Lists

I have been a scrapper for almost 2 years next year. And have always wonder how those scrap site handles a lot of emails online. I mean they send promo’s and emails to all their customers every week. And then I realize that they must have something like this Mailing Lists that lets them know to whom and where they are going to send their emails and even send important messages if they will be having sales or just plane announcements about the store. Organization is the key to a very successful business too and I've seen cites and company goes down because of lack of management. Of course one should consider that in the company customers are always important! Others like a big mall or a clothing company that sends posts massages to all the people around the country if they are going to have sales or new available products that are up for a grab! It’s totally a lot less hassle for the said company if this is what they have been using. And I myself would rather just do it like that way if I really want to succeed in the business world!