London, oh London..

Well, tell me who doesn't want to travel this days? Heck, even if it's cold in London now I'd get off my self here if hubby will ask me to go travel! haha Except that I can't get out because with a huge belly and a soon due date it's not possible! But of course, there's always December and next year summer,right? :D I haven’t been there and I really would love to! Hubby and I had been talking a while ago that leads to a great plan;) I told him that we can probably go to UK after this pregnancy. I will celebrate my birthday by December and it’s totally in time so, I told him that we can just go there for a week since my Mom will be here to visit us in a couple of months and will be staying for 6 months. So of course, it will be fine to leave my kiddos then;) I already checked Hotels in London for the accommodation. Or we can check this Hotels in Manchester and Hotels in Birmingham as part of our places to visit.

With a lot of must visit places , you can never get tired in there...famous streets, churches, palaces and monuments spread out below in a panoramic scene grown up from Roman times. Actually he might forgot the places he’d been too so if ever this plan will come true we might just high a tour guide. Or we can just buy good books for visitors like us. I’m not sure if we are going to take little boy because it’s only a week vacation.Now, I can't wait! :D