More Q & A about my health right now!

I'm good actually but thought of posting this here as well;)

1. Do you take vitamins and if so, what?
No vitamins here! lol And yup, I am preggy but my OB says I don’t need one. My food intake helps everything for me and my baby:)

2. Do you make an effort to eat healthy, or you eat whatever you feel like eating?
I eat healthy foods with less salty ones. I’m not allowed to eat those. And then more veggies and dairy products. I'm actually loving the milk! :D

3. What two types of food do you have a hard time staying away from?
Ohhh..I’m Asian so it’s hard for us not to eat rice! lol and then Carbs and sweet products..sigh..

4. What are two food items you refuse to eat?
Sadly, I don’t eat much fish. I don’t like the smell and it stinks! Ewww…haha

5. Are you pleased with your daily diet or do you think it could be better?
I’m pleased with it but I can do better than this specially I’m preggy of 36 weeks baby:)

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