To Australia

Right after the recent business trip of hubby, there’s this hush hush that he will be off to Brisbane again in the beginning of next year! And we are planning that if this trip will push through me and little boy will go with him as a family! That would be another awesome trip together for! Mom is still here that time so it's a great timing that someone will be able to take care to peanut.Although, I am not sure if little boy can go because he still have a class that time! Let’s just hope that everything goes smoothly because I’d be left alone again..With the hopeful mind me, I'm thinking of having an advance reservation. I saw this Hotels in Brisbane and then this Brisbane Accomodation because I wouldn’t like to go there without reservations and I totally like this site because they do have affordable hotel tariff and even very competitive prices compare to the other online sites! Hubby says he will probably stay in Brisbane or any part of Gold Coast. So what do you know, I also saw this Gold Coast Accomodation. From there, I already check the Flights to and back Tokyo. We are also considering in going to nearest Island there or maybe we will just go to Bondi beach as I was thinking of going there! I know, I have a lot in my mind but let see how this plans will push through!

Anyway, we can also hop around the place and see some theme parks and maybe another activities that probably worth seeing in there! :) I'm sure little boy will have fun! I'm sure there are a lot of activities that we can check there!