Vault that!

I just heard a news that one of my online friend who sells in an online store got his password hacked! :( So, how secure is your password? And how many passwords do you have actually? Speaking of passwords, I have A LOT! I do keep a handful of them and sometimes I even forget of all the places I check in the website everyday. I get mad of myself of not remembering sometimes. I even had this account and then totally forgot the password and until now I can’t get it. I still have money left there. It’s not big but I wished I was being careful. But I just have to share this thing that I found online! I learned that there is this Password Vault that you can use! How neat is that! I have been looking for something like this and glad I came across this site. This is also good if you are running an online business. Security is always a top priority. Allows those company operators to track the activity of the employess within the network. Check it out! Better safe than sorry;)