Going back to School

I am thinking of enrolling and going back to school taking up grad school but I am thinking of doing that maybe next year. Who knows, this is one of my calling too. But if ever I will be going back to school it would be in an online university something like this capella university that I saw online. And I talked to my cousin in the States too and she wanted something for her daughter too. Now,I really wish her the best! She is still very young though and a very intelligent lady. She wanted more and I know that she can really make this one too! But part of it being happy for her is that hoping it’s not something like that. But she always tells us that she wanted to serve the country and all. I remember when she was growing up that she loves to play guns and play with boys rather than the girly stuff things. She isn’t a tomboy because seriously she is beautiful with a long hair and a beautiful body to boot! But it’s her decision and all we have to do is to respect her;) Wish you all the best cuz!

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