I heard so many things about how they get gifts from their credit card company. Well, it’s a good thing when it’s like that. But I wasn’t too keen about having to check the Cash Back Cards rebates that offers a great rewards if you’re shopping. Not only if you shop stuff in the department store but there are cards that offer cashback rewards simply for using it in gasoline station, grocery stores- all they have to do is to stock up on food, household goods and more, and then some are for quick service restaurants- rewards add up fast from pizza to hamburgers to tacos - even sandwich shops, coffee houses and more. So, I am thinking that what have I been doing with mine? I can get percentage for all the stuff and foods and I didn’t even knew about it?Although, I don’t use credit cards that much so that might be the reason. So far though, we have points that we get for the other card that hubby is saving that points/rewards to get us a new laptop! How about you? Earn any points yet?