Challenge For This Year

1. Champion a child - target: my little boy who will turn 6 this June. Plus my little peanut too..But I bet he needs to just let him be because he’s only 7 weeks old:D

2. Encourage a co-worker - target: Hmm..I don’t work..but I work online so my blogging friends..:)
3. Read a a great book - target: I need to read the photography books I bought since last year! I know..lol
4. Do something that frightens you - target: I’ll see what I can do.
5. Write a thank you note - target: I always try to give back the love but will give more!
6. Do something kind for a stranger - target: I’ll let you know once I do!
7. Wow a customer - target: I’ll see:)
8. Learn something new - target: Learn how to write Japanese..
9. Let go of a resentment - target: hopefully, I will.
10. Do better work - target: I always do.
11. Be more passionate - target:I always thought I am passionate but will try more!
12. Speak truthfully - target: somethings are just left unsaid and untrue..Like everyone says a white lies..Don’t say you don’t! Because it would be hypocrite if you don’t do white lies! LOL But I always make sure that I say truthfully.
13. Stand for excellence - target: I want to and I’ll do my best.

Just to have a new posts..I'm neglecting this blog again..argghh