Nursing Home

Mom's Aunt who's my Grandma want to be home from the states because she’s old and needs someone to take care to. Half of her life she live there and all her kids are there so, I’m pretty sure she just want to be there for the rest of her time. But of course, it's totally different from where you were born and grew up. Mom told me though that her kids-my Aunt and 2 Uncles don't want her home instead they will just send her in a nursing home. I guess it's also a good thing because back home, no one will take care of her unless my Aunt will go home too. And the good thing is that I came across this Bettercaring site with dedicated service to anyone who are looking to be cared of when no one of your family members are there for you. It’s not that they don’t have time though but they are busy too with their own family and life. But good thing about that one is that there are options that you can choose either you want to be cared for in your own home or in their facility. I think I will tell them about this one. Not sure if they want it but at least I have something in mind too:)