Updates Galore

I have to be better at updating this blog..lol

Anyway, I woke up pretty early today.. It feels good:) I didn’t write paid opps since in this blog which makes me feel good! I know, I want more opps but then again, my brain will definitely explode if I will not rest once in a while..Besides, everything needs rest and a little pampering..hehe So, I went shopping yesterday..Online as usual and I have a handful..:D Have any of you watch the movie Arthur and the Minimoys? It’s amazing! I just watched it last night and my little boy keeps talking about how fab it is..He already watched it like an nth time:) I’m glad I did because it’s cute, for kids but adult will definitely love it like me:) Go watch it if you haven’t!

Anyway, I have like more than a dozen of paid opps needed to be done for my other blogs and I don’t think I can finish it today because there are still household chores needed to do as well..Good thing expiration will be next week! :D

Have a great day or night wherever you maybe!