My faves!


5 everyday favorites
~My little peanut crying for milk:)
~Little boy begging to get/do something he likes.
~Blogging and blog hopping
~Seeing my hubby helps me around the house
~My boys are around me with their goofy self!

4 mood-lifters
~Hubby’s pa cute effect..lol
~Everytime little boy says I love You, Sure, Can I, and sorry
~Little peanut crying for milk..lol
~And at the end of the day, my little boy leads the prayer for us.

3 reasons to get out of bed
~Peanuts crying for milk
~ Little boy needs something in the kitchen or he’s hungry and during school days, I need to prepare everything for him.
~Hubby’s stuff for work and his coffee.

2 people you love
~I have 3. But since the 2 has the same name so it can be 2! My Albert’s and Axel Joaquin:)

1 thing you love about yourself
~For being Me.

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Have a great day/night!