To Europe!

Hubby and I had been planning our European Vacation ever since! It has been my long time dream to travel Europe! And hopefully this summer, we will go! hehe I just can't wait;-) We still have to apply a Schengen visa around June though and hopefully all will be just as planned! It will be hubby's advance birthday gift for me! :D

Places that we planned on going to would be France-Paris, Rome,Venice,Florence and Tuscany in Italy, Barcelona and Madrid-Spain, Vienna, Brussels in Belgium, Dublin in Ireland, Athens,and Peru to see the Machu Piccu. These are only some rough cities that we wanted to visit. Looks really a lot but when traveling as far as like this you have to set a plan. And there comes the hotel reservations since of course we have a baby with us! And then plane tickets that at least or of course we can have great deals! We are 3 plus a baby that time so, we are searching for a great deal. Booking online makes a hassle free! We are thinking of just riding local trains or maybe we can just rent a car within that City! I wouldn't mind driving since we have been planning this trip for ages! Back to the hotels, I would really like to have a hotel discounts too since we will definitely be staying from one place to another and I'm sure I can take that opportunity! Aside from the most important things, we need to check what we are going to do and where and what to do in that specific city! I have already a handful of books that I bought from a while ago and I'm already reading them. I just can't wait for this travel. It will cost us a lot since traveling as a family of 4 isn't a joke! :) But I'm sure this is worth it and my kids will treasure this forever specially my little boy who of course loves to travel as well!

While doing my research about our travel, I came across this site that really offers great deals! From Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals, Online Flight booking and all the other important things to consider if you are going for a European Travel like us! What great thing of this site too is that you can get Vacation Packages! But even so, there are a lot of great deals you can check for this site! They have competitive prices and offers world wide destinations! I'm sure it's worth looking for! I am bookmarking this site for future travel plans! But I really hope that this European travel of ours as a family will be a dream come true! I have been waiting for this moment and I hope that we really get lucky and can save more for this big event! I have been waiting for a right moment to visit Machu Piccu in Peru! I'm sure its magical! To me, that is ;) Wish us luck!!!