Curious as a Cat

1) If you spoke English with an accent other than the one you currently have, how would you chose to sound?
~I'm always fascinated with the Brit accent! So yeah, I'd like to have that one;)

2) Be honest: how do you feel about people who smoke?
~Disgusting! SORRY to those who does because no one smoke in here and my parents never do too:) I don't mean to be mean but hey, it says be honest! LOL

3) Whose death touched your own sense of mortality the most?
~Mother Theresa

4) What has been the most difficult promise you have ever kept? Why?
~I can't think of right now..But when I promise something, I always make sure it is whole heartily so that it won't be too difficult for me;)

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.
~ Simple! A tree with weird branches..:)


Serena said...

You most certainly aren't offending me with your answer in #2 there! :D I agree, it is totally disgusting. I wonder why people have to apologize because smoking is equivalent to killing oneself in slow motion. :)

Curious Cat


Cat. said...

Wow, you are honest! :-)

Thanks for stopping by and playing my meme. See you next week!