Small Business

I have always wanted to have my own clothing business. Like a small boutique. Selling what I lik and what's hot and affordable too:) I asked hubby about it before and he agreed already but he was assigned to another country so we weren't able to do that plans. I still want it. Maybe when time permits us! And I if ever, I'd like to order some of my goodies in this wholesale clothes that I saw while surfing the net! I like that they have really reasonable wholesale prices! I am really liking what I saw already. They have branded items for kids, womens, and men's clothing! I'll refer this to my friend too because she's selling in Ebay! :D Like it already!


Tere said...

Two of my old classmates and friends are into that kind of business. y bestfriend in HS has her own boutique store too in Manila. She has resigned from her big time work before to manage her own business.

Tere said...

Hi yen am back checking for updates here.