Kanchanaburi, Thailand

It was a beautiful Saturday morning where it was a great day for visiting the well known countryside, Kanchanaburi in Thailand! It stands on the banks of the Mae Khlong River, at a point where it separates into the Kwai Noi and the Kwai Yai. Where merely about 2 and a half hours from Bangkok. The famous River Kwai Bridge is without doubt the most visited destination, it is a part of the death railway to Burma, where many P.O.W have died. A very sad story yet it's great to know some history! There are also fine National Parks with many waterfalls and the usual elephant riding and bamboo rafting.

The tour started very early in the morning, they(tour guide-coach) picked us up around 6:30 am and directly go picked up another 3 visitors around Sathorn area. And then, we departed to Kanchanaburi around 8:00am and arrived 10:30 exactly at the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery: The cemetery of the remains of over 6,000 prisoners of war, who lost their lives during the heavy construction of the "Death Railway"..and after a few minutes of waiting for the other three tourist, I did took few photo's as it's a cemetery.. we directly go to JEATH Museum(World War II Museum):It's an open air museum constructed in the form of actual prisoners of war (POW) camp. There are collections of photographs, pictures, articles, pistols, knives and so many other things from the construction of the "Death Railway" . It was very hot but we did managed to take a long tail boat down to see the famous, Bridge of the River Kwai*, there are alot of people around. But of course, the highlight of the tour was to check out and cross the bridge. After a while we waited for the train and it took us 1 1/2 hour to be in Nam Tok Station to see the “Death Railway”. Tiring if you ask me. But I like the elephant riding the most! Soo funny and quiet an experience!

The photo is the graves of more than 6,000 of the Prisoners of War during the construction of the "Death Railway". There were a lot of people visiting the cemetery even young students..And of course,a photo of me driving an Elephant. I think it's 200 baht for 1 ride. It was a great day!