Looking for Gifts?

Are you still looking for Mother's Day gift? Or you are now looking for the Daddy's gift come Father's Day this June? I just overheard my hubby and the little boy talking about next months Daddy's celebration. I'm not sure if he can come home that time because he just took a leave for 3 weeks and it's impossible to have a leave in succeeding months! But if ever he won't be able to be home here, I might just go there! We'll see...I'm sure we can come up a better plan! What I wanted to share is this ebel watches that I saw online! I remember when I bought hubby his Rolex watch many years ago that I wanted to look first in the net but failed! Now, I'm glad I saw this site! I will check for another watch if what my hubby will like! Although I saw Omega, Tag H., Bvlgari watches that we can afford! This site has really expensive watches because they are authorized dealers for luxury brand watches and even jewelries! I was drooling for Chopard or even Mikimoto but my..I can't afford it! haha

Anyway, if you want to give your hubby or Dad something special check out that site! I'm sure they'll be grinning from ear to ear receiving that special watches! ;)


Bunny B said...

Designer watches are lovely gifts!