~Favorites ~ What's Yours?~

1. Favorite Outfit To Wear:?
Since summer is here soon ,I'd love to wear shorts, any kind of jeans and comfy shirts!

2. Favorite Hair Color & Style:?
Long hair with bangs! I have a reddish/purplish hair color now;-)

3. Favorite Kind Of Shoes:?
Flip flops for summer and cute sandals will do!

4. Favorite Way To Relax:?
Spending it with my boys at the beach;-)

Join, HERE.


Jenn said...

Hi Yen! I love your favorite hairstyle! =)

My Saturday Special is posted, too! Take a look HERE if you have the time.


Toni said...

Hi Yen;

Great answers. Thanks for playing. Have a great week ahead.

Laane said...

Oh yes, if I wear near a beach I would relax there too.

My answers are up too. See ::here::

Enjoy your weekend!

Bunny B said...

Woohoo!! Redish/purplish hair? Rock on!