Slice of Life #1

This is my first time to join with this Meme and hope I can keep up every week!

I'll choose #2 A Birthday Celebration.

My little boy celebrated his 6th year birthday last week! And since we went home to my parents house to pay a visit{we live abroad} and we celebrated his birthday there! It was amazing to see new faces popping in to greet my little boy and wish him only the best. Old friends of my parents plus some of my friends during my childhood! I love the non fancy birthday party. It was a blast but since we invited kids who's parents cannot afford to have a party. It was more amazing to see their smiling faces! I can also see that they're happy to be there. My little boy on the other hand was enjoying but he's been telling me how hot it is..haha It was an open air party. But he enjoyed most of the part. Like the game part and the loot bag giving! The kids loves the gifts specially to those who won the game! I wish we can celebrate something like that every year!

Anyway, that's it! It was indeed a birthday to remember! :)

Happy Weekend and have a great week ahead! Xo


Cricket said...

Sounds like everyone had a good time. Two of my grandson's have birthdays this week and it should be a good time also. Thank you for joining Slice of Life. I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories.