Lighting Goodness

I was up early today because I thought there was a black out! But it wasn't! The light bulbs in the chandelier there was acting up and it's like we're having some kind of disco! :) So, I asked the husband to fix them. It's provided in the mansion that we stayed at. We didn't buy them ans since it's been years that we have not done any changes, I told hubby that we can prolly buy a new chandelier or anything that suits in the living room. I'm still not sure if we will buy one this weekend because he said that we should contact our agent for this apartment! And while I was busy browsing, I saw this very nice Chandeliers. I saw that there is a huge sale going on! now, I love sale and I see that the modern kind of chandeliers are on sale too! I'll check with the husband if he's ok with them! You know, he's the one who will pay;)

And my list goes on and on! I see they have affordable lights and expensive ones too! They have a lot of lighting items that you might be interested too! The Outdoor Lighting Fixtures has nice collections plus the one that I love is the Vanity Lighting section! You can shop by brand and I like how easy this site to navigate! They have bathroom hardware items that are to die for! I mean,c 'mon! don't you just love the details? Now, what to get;)