New Baby

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby! I am soo happy for her and her husband:) We don't see that often but we chat a lot online and my heart sing when she told me last week! Heaven knows how much they wanted this little one! so, right now I am already thinking what to give for the baby shower! And I saw this baby pushchairs that are totally kewl and cool! I might just get one for my little peanut too! This site has a lot of baby stuff that I went gaga looking around with their stuff! They have this pram, toys and more! But I like this pushchair much better. My..a lot of choices but it's still a little early though so, I have more time in my hand to think what's best to give for her baby!

I was thinking of just getting some stuff for my little peanut too that way I can save the shipping. I love it because I can save my time going to the department store. In there they even have baby cots, highchairs for feeding which by the way what I am really looking. We have a small one here but I really need something bigger. They also have swings for toys. And the best thing? They accept Paypal payments:) We'll see what to get first and will share here what are my loot! :D I'm excited!