Birthday Edition

1. Do you like to celebrate your birthday, or is it just another day?
+ Celebrating it with special people of my life:) Yeah..

2. What are five things you would like to get for your next birthday?
+ Ahem. hehe There are tons. I can't narrow them to 5. Really. :) But will just keep them to myself that way I won't jinx it! hehe

3. It is your birthday and money and reality have no bearing! What is your IDEAL day?
+ Saturday! :D It would be awesome!

4. What is the best birthday memory you have?
+ There are many but spending it with my husband, 2 kids-one was a new born that time last December! It was one of the best moment of my life!

5. Are you doing anything special for your next birthday?
+ Oh..hopefully so...Turning another chapter of my life..Getting a little old but still young at heart;)