Couch Potatoes


1. what are your favorite TV programs? how long have you been watching them?
+ LOST- I've been watching it since the very beginning of the show! Can't wait for the nest season! Then Grey's Anatomy, Nip Tuck-just a couple of months when the husband bought me DVD's, Heroes, Scrubs

2. what's your favorite snack while watching tv?
+ Popcorn or Pizzas or sometimes depends what's in the fridge!

3. who's your tv crush?
+ Hmm..I'd say, Mc Dreamy! :D But I'm over with him now..

4. where's your favorite place to watch tv?
+ Living room or in the bedroom.

5. name a tv show you wish would go off the air.
+ LOST, definitely.

6. name a tv show that is no longer on the air,but you really wish they would bring back.
+ Awww..Gilmore Girls!!! I'm such a GG fan and watched that movie for 6 years!!! Then SOTC would be great! I'd want to see how Carrie Bradshaw having a family! :D

7. have you ever purchased any tv program collectables? ie...posters, figurines...etc....
+ Posters..lol But it was for free from DVD's we bought!

Happy Sunday!~


Gretchen said...

I miss Gilmore Girls, too!

naida said...

I love LOST too. Cant wait for Grey's Anatomy. I miss Gilmore Girls too, that show was great.
enjoy your weekend :)