Financial, that is.

1. Overall, do you feel like you’re in better financial shape now than you were five years ago, worse shape, or roughly the same shape?
+ Much better but could be more..

2. Of the debts you currently owe, what percentage of them would you say are unnecessary debts that were caused by not watching your money closely enough?
+ Ughh..I don’t want to give percentage! LOL But it’s mostly of my being an impulsive shopper. Blame it on designer items! I’m such a picky person in terms of personal things. And I hate myself for being like that with those things. I need to cut back and focus on the important things. I am not getting any younger. I have told this to myself nth times but it’s still here. I just wished that with another year will be added in my age, I can do things much better!

3. Are you worried about the economy’s effect on your job?
+ I don’t have a work. Although, I work online and at home. But hubby’s been talking about those things. He’s worried of course.

4. Take the quiz: What’s Your Money Personality?
+ this though, I will not answer! hahaha I’m just scared! LOL

5. Should the government bail out the struggling banks, or should the government divide the money they’re going to give the banks among taxpayers as a one-time “shot in the arm” for America’s workers?
+ Should try to help those struggling banks.

6. If a rich stranger were to hand you a check in an amount equal to a year’s salary, would that amount take care of all of your debt, make you feel financially stress-free, both or neither?
+ Well, we don’t have that much of debt though..Thanks to the husband he’s been taking care of all those money matters in the right way.