Wednesday Weirdness

1. Would you rather join the Ghostbusters to hunt ghosts or join the Sesame Street bunch? Why?
+ Sesame Street because my little boy would like it!

2. What is the most you are willing to do to get out of a police officer giving you a ticket?
+ I never got one yet. But I have never thought about it too.

3. What popular movies do you find to be overrated?
+ Overrated? The one won Best Picture last year in Oscars! Never liked the story really..

4. What is in (and/or on) your bedside table?
+ Lamp, toys of the little peanut, my watch, and family photo frame.

5. Have you ever had or fantasized about having sex with a boss before? Have you ever acted on that fantasy?
+ Nope! Although he courted me. But I turned him down! haha Vain! LOL

6. If you had a personal assistant, what would you have them do?
+ Shopping for me! haha

7. Have you ever faked static, loss of cell phone reception or anything else on the telephone line to get out of a conversation?
+ Oh yeah..a couple, I guess. And glad I did it anyways!

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Amorous Rocker said...

Nice answers!

Thank you for playing. :o)