Whistle While You Work

Saturday 9: Whistle While You Work

1. Tell us which job your are telling us about, and when you had it.
+ Front Desk at a 5 Star Hotel. My second job and my first after I got married. It was about 4 years ago.

2. Where do/did you work?
+ Tokyo.

3. Tell us about that boss.
+ I resigned. And he's part of that resignation. LOL

4. Do/Did you find your work creative? If yes how?
+ I like it. Meeting new people from different parts of the globe. :)

5. Tell us about your favorite co-worker.
+ Her name was Masaku. She's very pretty and sweet to me. I remember her at the very first day at work.

6. Tell us about the biggest jerk in that job.
+ The manager. Keeps telling me that I should learn more Nihonggo when all the clients are English speaking..lol I got the job at the first place because they wanted an English speaker!

7. Where do/did you see yourself with this job in five years?
+ I like that job but it wasn't for me! I wanted something else that was inline with my profession. But I learned a lot from that short period.

8. Tell us about your commute.
+ The husband dropped me off everyday because it's near in his office. I only work 5 hours a day that time so, I had to ride a bus after work.

9. What hours of the day do/did you work?
+ Everyday except Sunday.

Happy Saturday!~


Jackie said...

Wow, sounded like an interesting job, meeting all kinds of different people.

Jackie - Jackie's Thoughts

Yen said...

@ Jackie-Yup it was interesting! :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Sounds great! I actually grew up with a dad who owned hotels. My Dad and I eventually owned and operated a couple of hhotels together. A long time ago. Have a great Saturday...

NurseExec said...

I always thought working in a fancy hotel would be pretty cool! Have a happy Saturday :)