3 Times Thursday

1. What motivates you? Why?
-Honestly, my little boys. Every time I think about them I give my best on things I do. Like my love for photography, I try to study things that way I can take beautiful photos of them:) And of course, my man-the love of my life:) Naks! :D

2. What happens when you can't be motivated to do something you need to do? How do you get the motivation back?
-I usually get irritated right away.Cranky and grumpy all the same:) The husband knows how to make me happy and smile after all. I don't know how he does things but he's a savior! :D

3. Are there any changes in the state of your world that need some motivation to do? What they are is optional, but how will you motivate yourself to do it?
-Hmm..not that I know of. I guess, I just need to be motivated to not shop like always! LOL

Happy Thursday!