I'm Still

1. Describe where you grew up:
+ I have the best people around. Not the ones with white paint houses. But I grew up at my Grannies where everything seems to be just happy thoughts. My Grandpa owned a small farm where we can just play around. Grandpa use to make us a swing in this yard. I love and miss that place! I can still picture out the places I run and played with my cousins!

2. Do you wear any jewelery?
+ I do. I wear earrings, rings, bracelets, watch, necklace..etc. I'm kinda vain in terms of that. :D

3. What do you have too much of?
+ Designer bags, shoes, clothes, tons of those things. I am a lot different now though. Or I like to think I am :D Not getting any younger anyway!~

4. Who is a fool?
+ No idea.

5. What's your nickname?
+ Just call me, Yen:)