In the past week have you logged into a social networking site?
+ Friendster, Facebook, and Twitter. And then some scrapping sites.

If so, which one? What other social networks do you use? Do you consider this your main one?
How often do you log in?
+ Friendster I check once in a while to keep in touch with old friends.
Facebook not all the time. More likely once per week. I have a hard time understanding the whole thing. It's nice though but it's not for me! It's like a task, every time I log-in! LOL
Twitter-chatting with some Mommy friends.

What is the main reason you use this site? (New friends, old friends, networking for business, looking for a partner, music, other?) If not, why don’t you use social networks?
+ Old and new friends and keeping in touch with my siblings..

Weekly WrapUp


-V said...

yen,u have facebook diay!? add me dayun ehehehe

Cell Phone Covers said...

Friendster is most famous in Asia. They're interface are user friendly too unlike facebook.