I just got a few friends sites got hacked! It's totally awful! and to think they aren't business sites! We all heard about huge company protecting their data for anything that can possibly happen! When I used to work back then, I’ve heard my big bosses talks about protecting data’s for hackers or the like. Good thing with this Business Continuity Recovery it’s there to help! I read somewhere that it’s one of the best around! Let me tell you why! I’ve read that this company develops, markets, and services high-performance software for data management and data protection around the world and has been in the business for years.Used in more than 50 countries and counting for warehouse processing, in order to load database properly, protect and back up in the distributed areas. And of course with the importance of technical performance and excellent services among others! I really think this is the best around considering that it can be utility for mainframe, UNIX, Windows and Linux environments. Check it out if you ever need more information.


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