3 Times Thursday

1. Do you have a calendar on your wall? What's it of? Do you like it? Why/why not? If you don't have a calendar on your wall, what do you do when you need to look at the days and months ahead?
+ Yes, I have. The photos are flowers taken from one of my fave Japanese photographer:) I look at the red color on the numbers because if it is, it means it's holiday! And from where I am, we pretty much have tons of red ones! Well, except from Saturday and Sunday. I guess every month has a holiday! Next week, we have! Yay!

2. Do you wear a watch? Why/why not? If you don't wear one, how do you keep track of your time, appointments, when to eat, go to bed, etc?
+ Every time I go out. I can't not wear my watch! And most of the time with appointments, I write it down in my planner..

3. How do you keep track of appointments (of all kinds) in your life?
+ I write it down in my planner as I said for appointments. I don't like to be late though..I am pretty much good with meetings!

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Tokyo transport said...

Hey thats a good way of keeping your time and planning going on in the right manner dude....
Good one.

Even i maintain a diary and for time and date its my mobile which is always with me. I have a planner too

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