On Webhosting

A few months ago, I was devastated with my webhosting company that I used in my other 2 sites! I have been thinking hard if I’ll have to transfer that 2 sites in another webhosting. But I still have a few months left. It's a pain big time when you want to do something and you just can’t do it right away! Like if I have to post something urgent and then I can't. Good thing the web hosting for my other sites is a good friend and has been really helpful all throughout! Thanks,Amore! I want to find something like that! But you just can’t find hands-on webhostings owner these days! So, a reliable and dedicated hosting is a must! And I was thinking if ever I am ready to take the plunge to have a little business for web hosting to a few friends that I know of. This site has really competitive rates so far. Still not sure but if you are looking for one then this is what you are looking for! The husband had thoughts and told me that it is better for me to have 1 place that host all my sites! That way, I won’t get crazy when the renewals in up! And to think there are times that problems arises! But that’s just some thoughts..Maybe or maybe not..We'll see.. I still have to double check on this green hosting as well. I’m still uncertain! I think it’s a lot of work though..Check it out to learn more about the other packages!