3 Important aspect that Marriage works

Saw this from Litzie that she got from here as well. Read on..

There are actually 3 important aspects in making it work.

* Communication
I always think that every issue and every aspect at home should be talked about by the couple. Whether it’s about the discipline of the kids or the financial aspect of the family or even the simplest thing like what to eat for dinner. Nothing could be fixed if the couple will just keep quiet and keep there thoughts inside.

* Commitment and Common Values
Being committed to making your marriage work is one of the keys too. If you have the commitment then you will care. You would want to patch things up when something is wrong while common values let you share the same priorities with your partner. You will have to teach similar teachings to your children so there will be less arguments.

* Spirituality/Faith
I always believe that if you out God in the center of any relationship then you will be blessed. Being married means you should also be praying with him.

Have a blessed week!