This is my kind of house:)

If only we have enough money right now, I would love to have a renovation in our small abode! Probably the windows! I came across this Penguin Windows online and was so impressed with their stuff! Not to mention that they have the best installation masters that are certified to do it for you! they don't just hire subcontructors because they have everything for the company! Although this kind of windows would be good in a country where there is 4 seasons! Since it will reduce the heat of the summer and the cold drafts of the winter! If you think this is what you're looking for, check it out.. There has been a little problems in our back front windows. I think it's because of the ongoing renovations at the back of our house. The small part of our area was rearranged. The plants were moved away because there was a trouble with the piece of area that we thought was ours. It was not our fault of course. Most of our neighbors as well have to go through a headache because we have the same line of what we thought was ours. Until a lawyer came to our subdivision president and talked to us. But it's ok now. We did a few papers and the lawyer was kind enough to helped us through.